Leadgate Stories and Memories Template

Could you consider sharing you or a family member Leadgate Story and memoires?

To help here is a template/questions as a starting point

What is you name?

Were you born in Leadgate? if so where and when

How many family members? brothers/sisters

Where did you live if different to where you were born?

Which church did you attend?

Which schools did you attend?

Any memories of school, home life, or hobbies and sports?

What was your first job?

What other jobs did you do?

If you got married who did you marry, when and where? where did you meet?

Did you or family work at the Eden Colliery?

Did you or family work at the Consett Steelworks?

What are your memories of the local shops?

What are you memories of transport- buses, trains etc

What are your memories of day trips and holidays?

What are your memories of the bridges in Leadgate?

What memories do you have music, clothes etc

Please consider doing a write up with a picture or two. Arrangements to help you can be made if needed

Did you have an allotment? An Anderson shelter?

Did you go to the Roxy?

Did you go to the Leadgate Show or Eden Sports day?

Leadgate Flower Show

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