The Walk to School (Brooms)

From a Contact made via the website

It’s the late 60s/early 70s and off we would go to school, we’d meet friends at the traffic lights then set off walking past the Queen’s Head

Then Foremans the fruit and veg shop past the Club and the bookies that was next to it(always the stale smell of tabacco and beer) up the small incline passing Mr and Mrs Young’s large imposing house,

Mr Young owned the transport company based along what was the old engine sheds along West Parade.

Next we would pass the old church hall which became Leadgate Library in turn it’s now a house.

Then up the hill passing the infant school, sometimes Miss Rossi would give you a wave from her upstairs office window, passed St Ives School now Redwellhills Nursing home

Just past the church set back was the Vicarage ,no bungalows there then,down past the loolipop lady’s house and Herdman’s farm and the Drovers Forge under the bridge hoping for a train to pass over it then followed the path up passing the entrance to the pit buildings then arrived at the top of the ‘avenue

Walk down past the graveyard and church either saluting or nodding your head if the Rev Fr was outside, down to the subway/underpass as we couldn’t use the crossing unless a Nun or Teacher were present passing the wooden dining hall(a tale in its self)then passed the grotto of Our Lady(they will be many a photo in Leadgate of children standing in the grotto garden)

What are your memories of your walk to School?

The contact has promised a “walk through” of the school buildings in the next installment

Brooms underpass now
The Brooms School Song

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