A tour of Brooms School Buildings part 2- Lunchtime memories

Right next to the subway/tunnel stood a wooden hut which was the dinner hall,to get the picture in your mind think of a old chicken shed.

Every day at about 11.15am a van would cross the crossing bear left and deliver the meals and puddings in what can can only be described as ‘nuclear flasks’ some were deep ,some were tray sized all made from what I think was aluminium (health and safety,I think not).

Delivery would then be carried into the hut us as kids would be guessing what was the days offering.

We are now in line to enter the hut as you entered the side door ,the ‘kitchen’ was to your right with the smiling ladies ready to slop on your plate what ever was been served then to the end of the counter to pick up your pudding.

Before I continue,my favourite was the puddings especially chocolate pudding and pink custard,I hated when it was prunes and custard,can you’s all remember playing tinker, sailer etc the prune stones.

I’m now sat down at a long bench table maybe 10 to a table,the windows were rather large but broke down into smaller squares, at times you couldn’t see out of them for either cobwebs ,ants or in the summer wasps, bee’s and any other thing that dared too creep in….

All the while been constantly reminded either by one of the nuns or teachers that there was starving children in the world and we should be grateful for what was in front of us even when you really hated the meal .

Talking of the wasps and bees Miss Hughes was a crack shot in hitting them with the back of a spoon, the odd miss and a small plane of glass would crack or fall out.

Talking of the children less well off, can anyone remember when we use to get a picture of a child in Africa and on the back of it was loads of squares and every week for a period of time we gave a donation if money till you’d filled all the squares.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed my little ramblings on, it’s how I remember it ,

Next time I post I’ve gone too the ‘big school’ that was the English Martyrs

Any comments are welcome

What are your memories of School Lunchtimes?

What were your favourite meals and puddings?

Did you or family work in the kitchens?

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