A First Aid Box – A story of Social, Medical and War history

Seeing a recent post on a Facebook group about Dipton memories I got chatting the poster who had posted in a comment some pictures of a first aid box. Pam Gordon then kindly shared me the images and agreed for me to share

What on first look is a mundane item is actually a great example of an item which is a social and war historical item

The first aid kit was made by Boots, Miramax and Paragon and were issued as part of Air Raid percussions during the 2nd World War

I think Paragon used various manufacturers on this link a company in Hull is mentioned 1920s Paragon Industrial First Aid Case (gingertoms.co.uk)

this link talks about them Civil Defence & ARP First Aid Boxes & Bags (ww2civildefence.co.uk)

Were you or any family members Air Raid Wardens who might have used these kits?

They may have also been issued to factories, schools etc, Makes you wander if local mines, factories and places like the Consett Steelworks would have had these to use if needed.

May also been in place in public air raid shelters

Any further information, memories would be great to see

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