Fields of Coal written by Mervyn Craig

Fields of Coal
You can sit and wonder all you like
To what’s beyond that Pont-top-pike
Men walk ower the coal to reap
From that aaful place called stoney heap
Leadgate lads both young and auld
All brave the rain and winter cauld
To gan doon the mine and work the coal
They say it’s better than the dole
Their dust filled lungs it’s hard to breathe
They curse and gripe their angers seethe
Their hearts bursting with fits of rage
No man refuses to ride the cage
For he has a family, Wife and bairn
The pit yakka’s lament he’ll hev to learn
Heed doon arse up and fill that tub
Eight hours of graft afore the club
A nice cauld pint afore ya tea
To wesh away that misery
One turns to two, three and four
Happiness resumed in the heed once more
So if you wonder what’s ower the hill
Remember this, it’s a bitter pill
Divvent gan there lads it’ll drag yee doon
Yee’re better off with a job in the toon
Deep mining’s days are over and done
The cages stopped and divvent run
Newcastle coal fields mighty and vast
Are being ravaged by the open cast
Stop open cast mining It’s fraught with greed
So stop this now I beg and plead
This practice is bad what I don’t like
You’re ruining my views from Pont-Top-Pik

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